The New Zealand federation of bodybuilders (NZIFBB) has been established in New Zealand for over 30 years and is affiliated to the international federation of body-builders (IFBB). the NZIFBB is an association dedicated to supporting bodybuilding, figure, fitness and body fitness in New Zealand and promoting a healthy enjoyable lifestyle for all ages. the purpose of the NZIFBB is to provide competitions for New Zealand bodybuilders which enable them to compete against other bodybuilding athletes to qualify for international competitions.

The sport of fitness, figure and bodybuilding in New Zealand has grown to an exciting competitive level. we are proud to say that the rise in interest of the sport has created many New Zealand professional IFBB athletes with first time represent-ing at the prestigious IFBB olympia across the bodybuilding, mens physique, bikini and figure categories.we created the IFBB – New Zealand international federation of bodybuilding to allow and showcase our athletes in competing at a worldwide class level against the top professionals and elite quality athletes in the sport.