• March 11, 20176:30 am
98 Beaumont St, Freemans Bay, Auckland CBD, Auckland, New Zealand



Masters Figure (Over 35)

1st- Janna O’Malley – Overall Winner Figure

2nd-Sarah Malthus

3rd- Leah Watts

4th- Kathy Burnell

5th- Louise Feathers

6th- Holly Roberson


Novice Figure Short Under 164cm

1st- Wendy Ryan

2nd- Sami Williams

3rd- Chloe Oudes

4th- Rachel Francois

5th- Leah Watts

6th- Louise Feathers


Novice Figure Tall Over 164cm

1st- Celeste Kent

2nd- Laura Cochrane

3rd- Sarah Chadwick

4th- Jessica Burden

5th- Ashlee Bagley

6th- Sarah Stannett


Open Figure Short Under 164cm

1st- Janna O’Malley

2nd- Sarah Malthus

3rd- Cassie Law

4th- Holly Roberson

5th- Sarah File

6th- Kathy Burnell


Open Figure Tall Over 164cm

1st- Bindi Mulligan

2nd- Eve Rennard

3rd- Darnielle Eketone

4th- Laura Cochrane


Classic Physique Class A

1st- Ebrahim Abdulla

2nd- Zoheb Razak

3rd- Montadar Alokar

4th- Bjorn Constable

5th- Alwin Dias

6th- Logan Kennett


Classic Physique Class B

1st- Mohammad AlRashed

2nd-James Ormsby

3rd- Sanjeev Narayan

4th-Nasser Al Sairafi

5th- Mik Cooper

6th- Manueli Vetenibua


Classic Physique Class C

1st-  Luke Demchy

2nd- Mitchell Thompson

3rd- Mark Norris

4th- Cezanne Lea’aetoa


Novice Men up to 70kg

1st- Ted Roberts-York

2nd- Mitchell Thompson


Novice Men 80-90kg

1st- Darren Dingle

2nd- Saleh AlZhaza

3rd- Sam Reece

4th- Joshua Goodrick


Novice Men 90-100kg

1st- Eruera Keepa


Open Men up to 70kg

1st- Peter Hartwig

2nd- Nasser Al Sairafi


Open Men 70-75kg

1st- Paul Vu

2nd- Montadar Aloka


Open Men 75-80kg

1st- Ebrahim Abdulla

2nd- Jonathan Seok

3rd- Logan Hopa

Open Men 80-85kg

1st- Hussain AlMuhayshi


Open Men 85-90kg

1st- Mansour Alnaser

2nd- Ali AlMosawi

3rd- Zakarya Alsaffar

4th- Rajiv Chuckowree

5th- Wharerau Harlin

6th- Mohammed AlRadhi


Open Men 90-95kg

1st- Ibrahim Alkhudir


Open Men 95-100kg

1st- Maurice Burgess

2nd-Denver Chandy

3rd- Chris Webb


Open Men Over 100kg

1st- Salaiman Altarkaib

2nd- Nathan Williamson

3rd- Michael Pearson

4th- Paris Theodosiou


Junior Bikini

1st- Bella Silva

2nd- Abbey Jessop

3rd- Anaelle Lopez

4th- Tegan Porter

5th- Shannon Green


Masters Bikini Over 35yrs

1st- Karley Feaver

2nd- Flick Davies

3rd- Billie Hunt

4th- Miranda Cullen


Novice Bikini under 160cm

1st- Claudia Coles

2nd- Aimee Gillam

3rd- Sami Imbriano

4th- Julie Balingit


Novice Bikini 160-168cm

1st- Hannah Holland

2nd-Nazanin Khanjani

3rd- Anaelle Lopez

4th- Miranda Cullen

5th- Mariska Pretorious

6th- Mikayla Neil

Novice Bikini Over 168cm

1st- Chelsea McCall

2nd- Danielle Mitchell

3rd- Arna Vandenberg

4th- Tegan Porter

5th- Leah Hannon


Open Bikini Under 160cm

1st- Leigh-Ann Ung

2nd- Katie Jean

3rd- Aimee Gillam

4th- Sami Imbriano

5th- Valen Van Zyl

6th- Julie Balingit


Open Bikini 160-168cm

1st- Chloe Hunter- Overall Bikini

2nd- Hannah Holland

3rd- Julia Barnard

4th- Karley Feaver

5th- Meghna Garg

6th- Jemma Goldsmith


Open Bikini over 168cm

1st- Jessica Angilau

2nd- Danielle Mitchell

3rd- Janelle Moylan

4th- Libby Angus

5th- Chelsea McCall

6th- Abby Barlow


Womens Physique

1st- Alena Hatvani

2nd- De Thin


Junior Men 20-23yrs

1st- Josh Roscoe

2nd- Izzzy McDonald

3rd- Paris Theodosiou

4th- Wichardt Scholtz


Masters Men 50 yrs +

1st- Ted Roberts-York

2nd- Ngaro Michael


Classic Mens Bodybuilding

1st- Vincent Carreau

Masters Mens Physique Over 40 +

1st- Troy Read

2nd- Iron Maiden


Novice Mens Physique up to 170cm

1st- Abdulwahab Saeed

2nd-Harmohit Singh

3rd- Muhamad Nasif

4th- Jude D’Souza

5th- Cobber Traiyawong

6th- Van Viet Dao


Novice Mens Physique 170-180cm

1st- Hamad AlShatti

2nd- Mohamad Almohandes

3rd- Arkan Taha

4th- Scott Archer

5th- Rauhiti Jubely

6th- Kurtis Heketoa-King


Novice Mens Physique over 180cm

1st- Mohammed Alaqab

2nd- Caleb Mactavish

3rd- Kamil Vir Singh

4th- Boris Kordic

5th- Alex Barros Silva

6th- Nicholas Terzieff


Open Mens Physique up to 170cm

1st- Jay Curtis

2nd- Abdulwahab Saeed

3rd- Isaac Gerayli

4th- Marjohn Abelardo

5th- Marcus Lim

6th- Jude D’Souza


Open Mens Physique 170-180cm

1st- Wetta Nuualiitia

2nd- Brad Jordan

3rd- Arona Aia Tauloga

4th- Jesse Wynard

5th- Hamad Alshatti

6th- Nasser Alattar

Open Mens Physique Over 180cm

1st- Mohammed Alaqab

2nd- Muying Zhai

3rd- Jay McDonald

4th- Denis Milkin

5th- Luke Thompson


Official Registration – Weigh in/ Check-In

When?Where? Time?
Early Check-in Thursday 9th of March 2017Xtreme Nutrition 119 Wellesley St Auckland CBD 10103-7pm
Official Registration- Friday 10th of March 2017Xtreme Nutrition 119 Wellesley St Auckland CBD 101012pm-7pm

*athletes with music routines* – upload music link via registration event page – ( google drive, dropbox) or email to prior to the show.


When?Where? Time?
Friday March 10thVictory Conference Centre6-7pm


6:30am to 9am @ venue backstage 9:30am – (Amateur Athletes must be stage ready)

AMATEUR PREJUDGE- 10AM- tentative order

  • Childrens Fitness
  • Figure
  • Classic Physique
  • Bodybuilding Men
  • Bikini
  • Womens Physique
  • Teen/Junior and Masters
  • Mens Physique

PRO ATHLETE TAN- 4pm @ venue backstage


  • 1. Childrens Fitness- judge round - awards
  • 2. Figure- judge round- awards- OVERALL
  • 3. Classic Physique- judge round- awards-OVERALL
  • 4. Bodybuilding Men- judge round- awards-OVERALL
  • 5. PRO Prejudge
  • 6. Classic Physique
  • 7. Open Men
  • 8. Bikini - round - judge round - awards - OVERALL
  • 9. Womens Physique - judge round - awards - OVERALL
  • 10. Teen/Junior/Masters Bodybuilding - judge round - awards - OVERALL
  • 11. Mens Physique round - awards - OVERALL
  • 12. PRO FINALS

How to get there

Event details

Date: March 11, 2017
Time: 6:30 am
Cost: $50.00 (NZD)

Venue details

Address: 98 Beaumont St
Freemans Bay
Auckland CBD
New Zealand

Map and Directions